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Mr. Anonymous is doing all new music as “The Plates” www.theplatesmusic.com

….for all of you who are wondering where Mr. Anonymous is or when new music is coming, here’s the scoop. I have a new Punk/Reggae band called The Plates. We put out a debut album called “Punky Reggae” in February of 2014. I’m working on a second one as we speak and playing tons of live shows in the Denver area as well as the UK in November…we also have a music video and more on the way….you can check out all of it on my new website www.theplatesmusic.com as well as any news about the band, tour schedule, Mr Anonymous, drumming tips, and more.… » Read full post

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The Plates(Mr Anonymous brand new Punk Reggae release) www.theplatesmusic.com

the album came out today on www.theplatesmusic.com   …speedy drumbeats and punky basslines under jamaican singing and machine gun toasting…check it out at my new website www.theplatesmusic.com

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Mr. Anonymous Download the music for free!

Mr Anonymous - Download Free Music and MP3 Files
ALL Mr. Anonymous music is FREE!!! If you like the tunes and want to support the “Mr. Anonymous” musical journey, please feel free to SHARE, SHARE, SHARE with all of your friends and family.
Mr. Anonymous - Reggae Dub Music

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why is Mr. Anonymous music free?


…So i’ve been asked this question probably a million times over the past couple years, and I figure it’s as good a time as any to shed some light on my thoughts. Maybe this will inspire some of you and turn off others, but keep in mind it’s just my opinion and what’s worked for me.

In a nutshell, the biggest hurdle for me in “selling” music was NOT “major labels” or the “music industry” or lack of the “right publicist” or “management” or “booking agency” or “Clear Channel” or radio stations or some invisible alien force designed to derail my career.… » Read full post

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Free download “Champion Sound” by Mr. Anonymous with Ranking Roger and Ranking JR.

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Mr. Anonymous radio show track list(4/8)

explosion….this pic sums up the 2nd half of the show yesterday…geesh…first half was rockin but 2nd half turned into a reunion party and slop city…sorry about that…next week will be tight!!!

…here are the tracks we played in no particular order:

Bob Marley/lively up yourself(live), The Samples/waited up,Bad Brains/rally round,Salif Keita/soro,Bob Marley/real situation,Doobie Brosthers/it keeps you runnin’,Yellowman/mr. chin,Black Uhuru/general penitentiary,Black Uhuru/guess who’s coming to dinner,Gregory Isaacs/one man against the world,Justin Hines/natty take over,Gregory Isaacs/cool down the pace,English Beat/spar wid me,Third World/lagos jump,Police/voices inside my head,Burning Spear/no worry yo’self,Black Uhuru/pain,Peter Tosh/wanted dread and alive,Stevie Wonder/master blaster,Richie Spice/earth a run red,Groove Armada/superstylin’,Third World/irie ites,Pablo Moses/dubbing is a must,Pablo Moses/revolutionary step,Eek A Mouse/wa do dem,Yellowman/soldier take over,Barnabas Collins/Lone Ranger,Bob Marley/running away,Xtc/my bird performs,Aswad/pull up,Pinchers/mass out,Alpha Blondie/jah houphouet,Third World/jah jah children moving up,King Sunny Ade/ase,The Clash/armagideon time, Gregory Isaacs/soon forward… » Read full post

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Interview for some paper in Delaware

eating peanut butter and banana sandwicheHERE IS AN INTERVIEW I DID A COUPLE MONTHS AGO FOR A PAPER IN DELAWARE…NOT SURE IF IT EVER CAME OUT BUT FIGURED I’D THROW IT UP HERE…and that’s me eating a peanut butter and banana sandwich!

1. Do you still have people who recognize you or contact you from the Samples?
I do get emails from Samples fans for sure, and I’ve recently been reaching out to a lot of those folks. A lot of Mr.  Anonymous fans remember me from my drumming days in that band, so it’s cool for me to still keep in touch, especially since I’m back on the drum throne when I play live.… » Read full post

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Jeep from The Samples, Mr. Anonymous radio show selections

sinsemilla here are the tracks I played yesterday(8/3) on the radio show:

1. Black Uhuru/Monday 2. Jacob Miller/We A Rockers 3. Peter Tosh/Stepping Razor 4. Peter Tosh/Mama Africa 5. Gregory Isaacs/Sad To Know 6. Stevie Wonder/Master Blaster 7. Bunny Wailer/Rastamon 8. Burning Spear/Fittest Of The Fittest 9. Yellowman/Jamaica A Little Miami 10. Ranking Screw And Ginger/Nuh Do Dat 11. Ray Lema/People Yo 12. Third World/Irie Ites 13. Mutabaruka/Check It 14. Bob Marley/Mix Up 15. English Beat/Whine And Grine 16. English Beat/Hands Off She’s Mine 17. Alpha Blondie/Jah Houphouet 18. Black Uhuru/ Botanical Roots 19. UB40/One In Ten 20. Sly&Robbie/Computor Malfunction 21.… » Read full post

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New Mr. Anonymous single “Some Gal A Move”


Some Gal A MoveNEWS BULLETIN from Mr. Anonymous:
Original drummer for The Samples Jeep Macnichol (a.k.a. Mr. Anonymous) will be breaking ground in late July with a fresh summer single called “Some Gal A Move”. Blending his own style of dancehall machine gun toasting against ethereal falsetto harmonies, Anonymous steps out as a pseudo crooner delivering hypnotizing melodies over a slamming backbeat and unshakable guitar labrynth. Serving up ever-changing harmonic hors d’ oerves as it sways and flows, “Some Gal A Move” at its core is a testament to raw melodic simplicity over an unstoppable backbeat.
“This is a song that HAD to come out” says Anonymous…”It just flowed out of me like raw emotion.… » Read full post

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