Press Release : Samples drummer teams up with Ranking Roger from The Beat

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – December 1st, 2011

Colorado Based Mr. Anonymous releases his
supercharged 3rd effort – Champion Sound.

Mr. Anonymous’ highly anticipated Champion Sound brings
the music to a new level. The newest CD is a blend of sounds
that supercharge trippy vibes, energized drumming, raw
psychedelia with punk attitude. Champion Sound
features Ranking Roger of The English Beat fame as well his talented
son Ranking Jr.

Boulder, CO December 1st, 2011

Mr. Anonymous is the brainchild of Jeep MacNichol, former Samples
drummer, former solo
artist and now music industry veteran leading his newest musical
vision. Champion Sound takes
his sound into new territory and by the sound of the tracks displays a
maturity in organic musicianship
as compared to the previous electronica influenced releases – Mr.
Anonymous 1 & 2. The drumming on CS is
very strong – one can definitely tell that the CD was explicitly
oriented around percussion and

Mr. Anonymous has produced a body of work that is as unique and fresh
as anyone I have ever
heard. As an underground phenomenon, an upstart so to speak, Mr. A
“brings it” to Champion
Sound with a fresh organic feel using only live drums, bass, and
guitars and even live horns.
The sound behind the album is a mix of reggae, dub, soca, and jazz,
and as the founder Jeep MacNichol
states, “my approach going into the album was to create a vibe like a
mix of The Clash’s Black Market Clash and Miles Davis’s Kind Of Blue.
I wanted a raw analog punk production where the singers sound like
they’re sitting in the room with you.”
Mr. A has an approach of being able to work with
different  musical influences and combine them on tracks seamlessly
which are highlighted by unique
instrumentation. Guest appearances by the likes of Sly and Robbie,
Dave Wakeling, and Ranking Roger as well as others can
be heard on Mr. Anonymous 1&2. The future certainly looks bright
for the musician with live performances locally in Colorado, and
consistent radio support by
local stations including KGNU and

Mr. Anonymous’ Champion Sound is a very unique lively reggae vibe that
certainly deserves a listen. His
band is scheduled for live dates in the Colorado area, and the CD is
planned for release on the 1st
of December and will be downloadable from the website on the 2nd of
December. The band is
open to booking and anyone interested should contact them.

Contact Information:

Jeep MacNichol a.k.a. Mr. Anonymous
Director of Operations
Email: (Enable Javascript to see the email address)

New Mr. Anonymous single “Some Gal A Move”


Some Gal A MoveNEWS BULLETIN from Mr. Anonymous:
Original drummer for The Samples Jeep Macnichol (a.k.a. Mr. Anonymous) will be breaking ground in late July with a fresh summer single called “Some Gal A Move”. Blending his own style of dancehall machine gun toasting against ethereal falsetto harmonies, Anonymous steps out as a pseudo crooner delivering hypnotizing melodies over a slamming backbeat and unshakable guitar labrynth. Serving up ever-changing harmonic hors d’ oerves as it sways and flows, “Some Gal A Move” at its core is a testament to raw melodic simplicity over an unstoppable backbeat.
“This is a song that HAD to come out” says Anonymous…”It just flowed out of me like raw emotion. After I laid down the instrumental tracks, I felt a vibe right on the spot. The vocal ideas were all pure improv. The first vocal track I sang laid the foundation for the whole vibe, and I could “Feel” it when it came out. It was a “first take”, and I could feel it like no other vocal I’ve ever laid down. ”

“Then I started the overdubs which were all a random freeflow between falsetto ‘Come Away’s, megaphone ‘Gal A Move Gal A Moves’, and robot ‘Bong Gong Diggy Diggy Rocks’. We kept them all “as is” including the spot where I laughed and clapped my hand because I was so psyched on what was coming out. In a weird way I felt like I was channeling something through the mic, releasing a lot of headspace I guess…and man I was psyched!”
The drum track was also kept “as is” because of the intensity and spirit in the first take. “There are a couple drum dropouts that happen purely because I dropped a drumstick. I was laughing when I dropped the stick, and I wanted to keep that “life” in the performance. I like the element of “slop” in a recording, and there’s a great vibe in those mistakes.”

Enough said and stay tuned for the  music video and track when it comes out in late July!