Mr Anonymous Free tune “Breeze And River” featuring Ranking Roger

… so in the spirit of the new studio album coming out in December(not the Live E.P. that came out last friday), I figured I’d post one of my favorite Ranking Roger tracks on my youtube channel,  mranonymous1966 …the tune is on Mr Anonymous 2(you can download it free on here)…the song also features Sly & Robbie…it’s a psychedelic and dreamy reggae groove with Ranking Roger voicing the vibes!!!! cheers!!!

ranking roger

Mr. Anonymous LIVE E.P is out!!!

mr anonymous live e.p.

…ok so the long awaited Live E.P. is finally done. It’s a bootleg/board tape and captures the energized raw sweaty dub psychedelic essence of our live show…with some drum explosions,turntable scratches, sirens and howls.
You can download it or just listen to the tracks or whatever…hope you all enjoy!!!