The Space Rock Years (2000-2003)

The Space Rock Years (2000-2003)


2000-2003…The Space Rock Years

When I left The Samples in 1997, I had 3 plans of action: Play drums for Bob Mould/Sugar, replace the drummer for Filter, or become the drummer for Smashing Pumpkins who’s drummer was getting kicked out at the time. Well none of those plans ever panned out. The closest I ever got to meeting Billy Corgan from the Pumpkins was having my buddy throw a football shaped package with my drumming tape over his gated fence onto his front porch. Filter never ended up kicking their drummer out and as far as Bob Mould, I did get his phone number and ended up leaving a message/messages similar to the scene from the movie “Swingers” (no joke). I got really nervous and started babbling for 20 minutes about Sugar and Husker Du and realized on the first pass that I forgot to even mention that I was a drummer. So then I had to call back a second time and then a third time because I forgot to leave my contact info on the second message….geez. Anyway, I did meet him at a show a year later and he laughed remembering the message on his machine.

So after all that, I decided to move forward with my own tunes. I put a band together and toured the country in a van punk rock style. I called the style of music “Space Rock” which is really just straight up indie rock with distorted guitars, sloshy drums, and spacey melodies. I put out 2 albums entitled JEEP (released in 2000) and COOL AND EASY (released in 2002). I booked my own tours (which was a frickin’ nightmare) and toured the country 7 times under my name. For the live shows, I played guitar and sang with a 3 piece band. For the albums, I played all the instruments (except for the bass on Cool&Easy). We stayed in cheap motels, ate at truck stops, slept on floors, and played for an average of about 7 to 12 people every night, most of them drummers shouting “Dude, get back on the drums man” :)

Anyway, I look back now on that 3 year chunk of my life and music and I’m really proud of it. In spite of its struggles at the time, I really enjoyed myself and the music and my bandmates. The raw punk style touring really invigorated my musical soul and a lot of the guitar elements have weaved their way into who I ultimately became as “Mr. Anonymous” as well as “The Plates”. SOOOOO I figured now is as good a time as any to share that journey with you..Keep in mind reggae fans that this is NOT reggae/dancehall/dub music at all :)

The first 7 tunes are from my very first solo album entitled “With A Fist” that I recorded in 1994 while I was still in the Samples, craving heavier sounds. They are about as rough as you can get, but I like their vibe. One tune (Big Bird) is about a recurring dream I used to have about flying on a bird over my house…another is a punk tune (Monkey Named John) about a childhood stuffed monkey I named John??? The next 8 tunes are from “JEEP” with a bigger heavier guitar sound, and my production techniques really stepped up. And the last 12 from “COOL AND EASY” start to bring in the dubbish reggae vibes of Mr. Anonymous mixed with a psychedelic heavy vibe of The Plates…so the songs are kind of an audible journey into who I am now.

Hope you enjoy!

The Space Rock Years 2000-2003

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16 thoughts on “The Space Rock Years (2000-2003)

  1. The JEEP stuff reminds me of early Foo and the COOL AND EASY stuff is like Sugar or My Bloody Valentine meets dub. So goddamn cool.

  2. Jeep,

    You are/ have been living the dream and not looking back – congrats! I will never forget hanging with you at Bogarts in Baltimore spring ’98 during sound check. I was playing football for the Ravens at the time and cruised down during our break from spring workouts. I’ve enjoyed following your progress ever since! Cheers!

  3. Thanks! You made some great music during that period. “Unraveled” is, of the 16,000+ pieces on my iPod, my 18 year-old daughter’s favorite song. It has had more plays than any other tune (including my own music!)…..

  4. I was introduced to Jeep in 2001 or 2002 by one of my best friends – a lifelong Samples fan and street member named Tom – on, of all things, a road trip from Chicago to Vermont to see The Samples.

    I fell in love with the album, but alas, both Tom and I lost our only copies – and for almost a decade, I searched and lamented when I could not find another copy. (Google searches for “Jeep” brought up a lot about cars and too little about music). You cannot understand the joy I felt when I found the album on iTunes sometime last year or the year before. (It remains a staple of my iPhone, no matter what else changes).

    The Jeep album remains as driving, catchy, and joy-inspiring today as it was over a decade ago. I introduced some good friends to it while touring with them in the UK last year – and this past fall, I played it during a late-night, binge-drinking session with a friend who had just parted ways with his long time girlfriend (and who currently plays with a new Chicago-based Jeff Buckley-esque band – how cool, right?). The album made him smile and turned the night around for him. Since then, he sings “Hey Bossa Nova” to me whenever we see eacch other.

    Thank you for this all the rest you have done. Best of luck in the future – I can’t wait to hear more!

  5. This journey has been amazing to witness, to say the least! “Jeep” & “Cool & Easy” are forever on my playlist! Still, without a doubt, two of the best albums I have ever heard and two of my most favorites!!! I consider them “spiritual”. Your damn right! “Unraveled” STILL gives me chills when it comes on! THANK YOU for being true to your vision, my friend, it has inspired many of us to do the same and THANK YOU for so generously sharing it!! Peace.

  6. Spacerock Rocks jeep! You should really do another album similar to these earlier efforts and take it on the road.

  7. Oh yeah…Wanting was a great track too. And Mike Records.

    Come to think of it, those were some great albums and fun shows. Like you said, great old school, punk, DIY feeling.

    Of course love the Mr. Anonymous stuff too. Totally different vibe but very cool.

    Rock on Jeep, sir.

    And if Kenny is reading in, “What up COOL CAT!”. Hope all is well.


  8. I remember those albums and those tours…LOVED them and still check them out regularly.

    I actually played several of the tracks for radio stations that I work with – especially Unraveled, Bossa Nova, and Goodbye to the Master. People dug them but just couldn’t figure out when to spin an indie artist.

    Also love Sugar. Both acoustic and electric.

    Jeep I remember being one of the 7-12 people in the crowd. A small club in Cambridge, MA and Arlene Grocery in NY come to mind…and helping you break the gear down afterwards.

    Actually I remember you opening for a sold out Dispatch show at Roseland Ballroom in NYC with Kenny on the kit. The drummer from Dispatch broke his kick drum during their set and we rushed Kenny’s purple one up there between songs and he (Kenny) was like, “Hey, he better not break that one too.”

    Had a cool black Jeep t-shirt for years from that time but finally lot it…got any more layin’ around?

  9. Those three albums from that timeframe are essentials to me. Headfog is one of my favorite tunes. Bossa Nova always puts me in a good mood too.

    I hear you on wanting to drum for Bob Mould. Me too.

    In fact, I do believe I sent you a crappy tape of my drumming 12 or so years ago. You missed out, pal. What’s that Kenny guy got that I don’t? ;-)

  10. Love those albums and still listen to them a bunch. The songs are fantastic. The shows were awesome, as well. Driving around Minnesota and Iowa to catch as many as possible. Watching Sid and Kenny jam out with you on the flying v. Great times. The evolution has been fun to watch unfold.

  11. I love those Jeep albums.. in fact.. Ive been hounding you for 4-5 years to make another one.. the originality and musicianship is fantastic.

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