Mr Anonymous “20 minute theory” on drums and fitness

“20 minute theory” on drums and fitness

….ok so here is my second installment of drum advice and then no more blabbin from me……I’ve given several different renditions of the same advice over the years, and I’ve decided that it all comes down to one simple concept.

I call it the “20 Minute” theory. I use it for drums and exercise, and it’s TOTALLY worked for me over the years. Here’s how it works.

step 1: buy a timer…a stopwatch, a kitchen timer, or just a clock

step 2: practice for EXACTLY 20 minutes every day or in 20-minute sessions…no more and no less

step 3: during those 20 minutes, work ONLY on something that’s challenging or new

This is the key point:  HOW you practice rather than HOW LONG you practice is the key. I think most people assume that anybody who’s really good at something (or better than they are) either was simply born with the talent or started playing when they were 3 and practiced 8 hours a day for years and years. I disagree. There ARE definitely those types, but I also think the guys who get really good at anything are the ones who keep themselves excited.

Let’s face it, many drummers fall into the habit of jamming for hours playing the same stuff they already know how to play. It’s gratifying and fun, but it doesn’t really advance your skill set, and I think ultimately leads to boredom. By diving into something new and challenging for just 20 minutes a day, you’ll feel invigorated because it’s a short enough time for you to EMBRACE THE STRUGGLE of learning a new challenge.

I use the same 20 minute theory for fitness….doing 20 minute sessions of (pushups, situps,and leg squats) every other day and then 20 minute sessions of cardio(running, jump roping, or sprints) on the alternate days. Its a great workout and easy to commit to because it’s a SHORT FOCUSED amount of time.

I’ve always been a huge fan of boxing and now mixed martial arts and this “20 minute” approach is like my version of a training camp before a fight. A fighter’s day is broken into short high intensity sessions….he works the heavy bag and speed bag…then rests….then works on ground skills…then rests…..then works on striking and kicks….then rests….takes a lunch and nap(Oscar De La Hoya did that every day in his camps)….and then does cardio or lifts weights in the afternoon. So I approach the drumming and fitness the same way. Doing even one session of each every day at high intensity(for exercise) and high focus(for drums), i’m able to continue to grow and have fun doing it.

So there it is….pick up a kitchen timer, try it out and see how it goes!!!



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