sly dunbar and fatta in studio


sly and robbie tracking with Jeep

michael rose in the studio
sky juice in studio
The spot of the opening shooting scene from “Dr. No”…
poolside at the Liguanea Club, Kingston Jamaica

the spot of the opening shooting scene from "Dr. No"



Brando at Anchor Recording Studio
wall of inspiration Mr. Anonymous home studio
home studio
jeep and michael rose


puerto ricoIMG_0664IMG_0741IMG_0752IMG_0753IMG_0757IMG_0802IMG_0809IMG_7314space echo

9 thoughts on “Gallery

  1. Boulder alum, ’92. Loved the Samples and your drumming….married to Rich Rothman of Contraband…All the best…

  2. Uubuu Skaboo Iratay Jah Rastafari Lord of lords, King of kings, the conquering lion of the Tribe of Judah!!! BIG uP Jeep!!! Continued success, forward Jah Jah children!!! Love thy neighbor as thy brother!!! Never give uP no matter what!!!

  3. I love pictures! I myself take an aweful lot with my cell phone.We move around a lot! Where are you? I’m in Springfield,Oregon.

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