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  1. Oh yeahhhhhh!!!! Love the psychedelic reggae fusion, Some Gal a Move is rockin!!!

    It’s funny, Rastaman Vibration got me into Marley too, then survival, uprising and Kaya. Senior quote was from Kaya. Then I crossed over to the Dead and had some crazy experiences including coming home from Madison Square garden one night when I was 19 in 1991 with no money. At the toll on the Henry Hudson going out of Manhattan all we had was a Chuckee Cheese token, and it worked! Got back to Darien and smoked on pear tree point when three girls ran naked down the beach to go skinny dipping. We all looked up and saw this group of red lights moving abruptly about the sky at light speed, which happened to be the night the space shuttle video taped some weird stuff. I remember the show like yesterday. That was the summer I first got turned on to the Samples; you guys have a strong following around here. A buddy of mine helped set up a gig for Sean in Bailey Beach Rowayton some years ago. I would love to see you on the East Coast- Gathering of the Vibes!!!??

  2. Hey Jeep, I recently saw the Samples documentary and when it got around to you and Mr. Anonymous I was spellbound. The Samples is my all time favorite band, and when I heard Some Gal a Move on the documentary I immediately thought back to when I first heard the Samples in Boulder… it blew me away. Awesome tunes, dude! Thanks!

  3. thanks for the great music. Mr. anonymous is a rocking band. I am a very big fan and really like your music!

  4. Jeep, great to meet you last night. And thanks for the new music…I’ve been enjoying listening to it this morning and forwarded it on to my brother, the family music geek. Hopefully we’ll see you again soon or catch a show!


  5. Hey Jeep,

    I know you from Boulder, (a small amount) and last
    spoke to you when you were at Sirockins. I am looking
    for my friend, J. Blanchard, who was your filmmaker
    in Boulder, a long time ago. The last time I saw her,
    was where I am here, and she was heading from Chattanooga
    to NYC. I was concerned about her situation then
    and if you ever hear from her thru any of the original
    Samples, I would love to be one of her best friends again.

    If she ever needs a place to stay, I live alone in a spacious
    marble artist studio with a new t court, a huge forest
    reserve and a beautiful mountain view. I hope she is OK.
    There are no pets living here at this time except for a few
    song birds that hang out in one of my chimneys.

  6. Hey Jeep, good chance you won’t get this but thought i’d give a try anyway. I’ve been on your email list but, i’ll admit, I haven’t been opening much stuff these days. but this afternoon was checking out your music. love it… but the new video hmmmm….LAME… cause your serve is rather BAD… i would have been more than happy to help … but anyway. i found a bunch of funny, and kinda sad photos recently. John, ronnie, sally (who doesnt aknowledge me now… not sure why… but her mom keeps calling me and writing which is nice. a hilarious, and very cute one of you and billy stewart. anyway… was thinking of you. hope you are well. my life has been full of chaos and adventure… but now im giving stability a try…in cazenovia,ny. im ok… for the most part. how is your son…myles?… he must be a member of AARP by now. all the best, jeep. take good care… and your music is awesome…. love it, and the videos, too. (i GET them, kinda.)

  7. Love the new album..reminds me of “with a fist” but with Mr A. influence. Cant wait to see it live…Glad to hear you back behind the kit.

  8. Hey man, can I email you an mp3 for today’s show… or for a show down the road… please??? It’s never been played on any radio station yet…

  9. Hey Jeep, I was just perusing thru some old Samples recently and said to myself, “Hey, what ever happened to that Jeep guy?” Found out you followed your true calling–Rasta/safari/hip-hop/enviro-groove!! Wow…please keep going and making my heart smile. I now realize when you left The Samples, a majority of their ‘soul’ went with it. Also I realize you just started with the live performances; and I wondered if a TOUR was in the making. Perhaps Portland, OR?!!

  10. I simply dig all your new music,
    my favs so far are:
    Some gal a move, One pretty women, Mr. Anonymous, pinchers etc..
    Chill and relaxed and fun to listen too.. Cheers to ya!
    Stoney in Miami

  11. saw you at the Aggie last night…amazing show! i could definitely see you touring with the Pretty Lights guys and blowing up those crowds just like they do!

  12. I love how ambient and uplifting the whole cd is. I also appreciate the reggae influence, also the production and vocals are very well in synch
    Thanks for tjhe hard work!!!
    Much love

  13. Hi Jeep, I saw you guys at the ‘Pretty Lights’ show the other night at the Ogden and I gotta say you were the best part of the whole show, I wish your set was longer. I know you are going out of town soon to shoot the video, I hope you have a BLAST! It was awesome meeting you! I can’t wait to see you guys play live again.

  14. Jeep, got a Facebook comment from Shee Shee today, so I saw the link to your video on her page- LOVE “Some Gal A Move!” Very catchy tune, fresh vibe, super cool video! Also love the collaborations with Dave Wakeling and Ranking Roger- whatever happened to love and unity? Will spread the word.

  15. dude every track ive heard so far is soooo fucking sick. keep up the good work. I live in boulder man I wanna see ya at the draft house or something reggae night, hits some local spots people need to hear this.

  16. Jeep – I love the song and the video is just awesome. I definitely “got it”. Your hard work has paid off!

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