Mr Anonymous t-shirts

t shirt pics 012t shirt pics 001t shirt pics 051t shirt pics 019Mr. Anonymous “Good vibes” threads to liven up any situation….a meeting at headquarters with my artist Alias Krapmaster’s daughter Avery who runs plans and missions under codename “squiggy”…shoes and feet …fashionable yet functional mens- t … feel free to step into this stylish Mr Anonymous over garment that says “yes quite…i am ready for the mission and more than pleased”!!!… and yes ladies, this fashionable fitting ladies t is a must have for any Mr Anonymous counter intelligence Bond girl to strike a pose!

song list for Mr. Anonymous “radio snow” show 11/12

miles-davis-kind-of-bluecocoa teaeartyhwindfire…here are the tunes we played mostly in this order as far as i can remember:  1.Killer Joe/benny golson 2.Evening Time/cocoa tea 3.Lady.d’angelo 4.Ballad Of Chet Kinkaid/branford marsallis 5.Rastamon Live Up/bob marley 6.Back And Forth/cameo 7.So What/miles davis 8.Old Marcus Garvey/burning spear 9.In The Stone/earth wind and fire 10.Super Blue/freddie hubbard 11.Earth A Run Red/richie spice 12.One Mo Gin/d’angelo 13.Pirates Anthem/cocoa tea 14. Come Around/collie budz 15. Running Away/bob marley 16. Feel A Little Better/third world 17. Koteja/the rhythmatist 18. Sweetest Taboo/sade 19.Real Situation/bob marley 20. Brooklyn To Jamaica/morgan heritage 21. That Day Will Come/capleton 22.Boombastic/shaggy 23. Boogie On Reggae Woman/stevie wonder

new free download “Good Life” by Mr. Anonymous


“Good Life” is the new Mr. Anonymous masterpiece…a three-minute Island dance-vibe of “byrd’s” style trippy and reverse guitars, live drumming dancehall rimshots, driving reggae bass, and a textured conversation of autotune psychedlia and talk box blips. The video features more “Hippy Kenny” …and without question the word “Spaceman” IS on the radar!!!

“Good Life lovin’ how I’m livin’
Lovin’ how I’m livin’ in mi life
Good Life
Rockin’ the good life”

New tune “Superman” feat. Mega Banton

…it’s AVAILABLE…here’s the itunes link: …and here’s the vibe of the track:

 “Superman is a visual soundscape of a ’60’s train on full tilt into the future…destination 2050! Picture “Easy Rider” meets “Rockford Files” meets “2010 Space Odyssey”. Sputnik space sounds and “Byrd’s” style melodic guitars lay the opening launchpad for a bumping “4 On The Floor” dance journey into the Kingston Underground….featuring Mr. Anonymous’ signature autotune psychedelia and Mega Banton’s signature “Dancehall Machine Gun” style.
“Place headphones on and Fasten Your Seatbelts!” 5-4-3-2-1 Boom!!!”


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