Mr Anonymous #2 CD Cover Artwork

Mr Anonymous #2 Back Cover Artwork






So in addition to featuring music and other lifestyle interests of Mr. Anonymous, I have to throw out a huge “Big Up” to the man behind the artwork. He is up for doing any “Custom”(and i mean CUSTOM) Mr. Anonymous drawing for any of you…I asked him to make paintings the same size as a vinyl record because that’s what I’m in to…but the sky is the limit and feel free to email him at (Enable Javascript to see the email address).

alias krap master Matt Doubek

In the fantastical world of Matthew Doubek, a collision is happening every day. Illustration, painting, and collage meet with dumpster-salvaged paint, oversized pencils and permanent markers. It is this synergy that unites characters, places, and stories into one whimsical creation. Upon looking at an original from Doubek, one may be incited to chuckle or just to stare in fascination from the depth inherent in his work. His illustration brings objects to life, giving them wrinkles in their appearance and depth in their character. Doubek goes under the moniker (alias krap master studio) and his work has been featured in numerous national publications and exhibited in New York, Denver, Atlanta, and Minneapolis.

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  1. I really like the Mr.Anonymous drawings ESPECIALLY the ones where he’s holding the microphone like he’s about to rap. Could You please draw me some of those like that..WHY? you may ask because Ironically my rapper/stage name is Mr.A so If you could please send me some photos of Mr.A/Mr.Anonymous doing his thing on the mic please send me some that would be GREATLY appreciated.
    Good Work keep it up.

    My email is: hotprince_410 [at] hotmail [dot] com so you know who to send it to.

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